You have your Treefort 2019 Pass… now what? If you’re traveling to Boise for Treefort Music Fest, there is no time like the present to start planning your trip!


Stay in the heart of Treefort by booking a hotel room in beautiful Downtown Boise! You’ll be surrounded by Treefort, within walking distance to all venues and forts so you can see as much music and programming as possible.


Whether you’re staying in a Downtown Boise hotel from one of our preferred partners,

shacking on the floor of a friend-of-a-friend’s house or only coming in for a few hours, you’ll want to zip between all Treefort venues as fast as you can! We recommend walking, biking, public transit or carpooling as much as possible, not only to reduce our carbon footprint (we love you Mother Nature!) but also to minimize the amount of cars traveling downtown during Treefort. There are many bicycle rental companies and organizations in town to get you cruisin’ on two wheels.


As you are groovin’ around Boise between sets, you might want to take a second and get a taste of everything our awesome city has to offer. Stroll through Freak Alley Gallery to see an evolving public forum for visual arts. Explore the rich history of the Basques at the Basque Museum & Cultural Center (and stop into the Basque Market to give your taste buds an experience as well!). While adventuring, you’ll easily stumble upon part of the 190 miles of trails in the Ridge to Rivers Trail System to get some wide open spaces into your life.


Experience Treefort and Boise like a local!

You’ve already set yourself up for success by getting your Treefort 2018 pass, but trust us we know how to make your experience even better.  Start your day off with one of our many (life-saving) coffee shops, grab a sweet treat as a mid-day pick-me-up, and move into the night by catching one of Boise’s fave happy hours. Discovering new music and jetting from show to show can be tiring. Re-fuel at one of these locally loved Boise restaurants. Just be careful, you may never want to leave.


Why not book your stay for a wee bit longer so you can get the low down on all the beautiful and exciting things to do, see and experience while you’re in Idaho. For more Idaho adventures and travel tips, be sure to check out Visit Idaho.