Thank You OneBeat!


We all knew that Boise was in for a treat when OneBeat arrived but WOW! The amount of good feels and strong community ties was through the roof! Thank you OneBeat for showing Boise what you’re all about!

The OneBeat fellows were here for only two days and filled the streets of Downtown Boise with joyous sound and happy movement. They brought Boise together with the universal language of music and movement. You could easily approach any of the members because they were always smiling and inviting people to come together. Bringing music and culture from Brazil, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Russia, Taiwan, Egypt, Kenya, Kazakhstan and more — the diversity of the OneBeat cast created a sonic melting pot you just couldn’t help but to move and groove along with them.

Here were some of our favorite moments:

Welcoming Ceremony with Mayor Bieter

Mayor Bieter formally welcomed the OneBeat fellows to Boise at Boise City Hall on October 10th.


Spontaneous Engagement with Boise Skate Community

Antsy to play their show at Rhodes Skatepark the following day, OneBeat fellows visited the park and jammed with local skaters.


Boise Rock School Workshops

OneBeat spent Tuesday afternoon rehearsing at Boise Rock School as well as hosting some workshops, where kids learned how to record and write songs.


Songs and Stories of Migration

For their first official performance, the OneBeat musicians played a beautiful set inspired by migratory stories at The Linen Building. OneBeat made sure to get close to their audience! In fact, Brazilian accordion player Livia Mattos’ dress included a circus tent as to play private shows for one person at a time!

Photos taken by Russ Bashaw

Community Outreach with Boise Rock School

Boise Rock School has weekly outreach programs at the Boise VA Medical Center as well as Ada County Juvenile Detention. OneBeat joined BRS on Wednesday to play and teach music to the veterans and juveniles (not pictured for security reasons).


Pop Up: An Intimate Performance

OneBeat played an amazing impromptu show at The Record Exchange Wednesday evening.


Motion-based Performance

Most members of OneBeat had never performed at a skatepark before Wednesday. It was such a cool scene watching skaters ride around and do tricks while OneBeat provided the live soundtrack.

Photos taken by Matt Wordell


Celebration of Local and Global Community

Their final performance in Boise Wednesday night at the Olympic was magic! Hours of music that really runs the gamut: from hip hop and experimental electronic to American folk and world music.

Photos taken by Matt Wordell


Thank you for sharing culture and compassion with Boise, OneBeat. Until next time, follow along their journey at

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