Staff Picks! Top 5 Artists to See at Treefort 2015


We asked the Treefort Staff to give us their Top 5 Artists to see this week (ahhh this week!!!), and after hours of listening to playlists, here’s what we cannot wait to see!

A few things are obvious from the Staff Picks –

If you want to dance with the Treefort Staff you can find us at Omar Souleyman Thursday night!
The best part of Treefort is stumbling upon a new favorite in route to an old one!
For the most part, these aren’t in any kind of order.

p.s. We aren’t great with rules, so some of us had to give our Top 6 or 7 and we’re not usually on time, so check back often 🙂

Lisa Simpson

1. Omar Souleyman– Seriously, techno-soul from Syria. Who doesn’t want to see that?
2. Generationals– I didn’t get to see them last time they came through Boise, they get played at my house a lot.
3. Lemolo– I only caught a snippet of their set at Treefort two years ago. They are a MUST SEE for this lady.
4. Tony Ortega– If you only see one solo artist at Treefort, Tony is an excellent choice. His voice is like finding your favorite childhood candy that isn’t made anymore.
5. Thunderpussy– They are going to rock your muff so hard, then you can stay and see Mostly Muff right after them, and then you can stay for Rocci Johnson and maybe get a nice toy for your muff.

Lori Shandro Oüten 

1. TV On The Radio
2. Geographer
3. Mostly Muff
4. Afrosonics
5. Omar Souleyman

Sibylle Gorla

1. Omar Souleyman
2. Emily Wells
3. Desert Noises
4. Beat Connection
5. Random Rab

Stephanie Coyle

1. Built to Spill
2. Emily Wells
3. Alex Cameron
4. Cotillon
5. Helvetia

Kelsey Green

1. Viet Cong
2. Triathalon
3. Generationals
4. Wild Ones

5. Caddywhompus

Megan Stoll (in no particular order)

1. Rubblebucket
2. Viet Cong
3. Caddywhompus
4. Thursday night at Linen: Twerps & Happyness
5. The Muckers Logan Hyde

Sara Peyton 

1. Omar Souleyman
2. Bed.
3. Alex Cameron
4. Matthew E. White
5. Shaprece

Jon Michael Schert

1. Amber Martin!

Kymm Cornelison

1. Corners
2. Cool Ghouls
3. Foxygen
4. Viet Cong
5. The Muckers
6. Thick Business

Cathy Knipe

1. Omar Souleyman – Because when was the last time you got out for some good Syrian wedding dance music? Or ANYTHING Syrian, for that matter?
2. Vacationer – Their soothing melange of pop sweetness will serve as a Sunday-night balm to your eardrums after 5 days of abuse.
3. Generationals – In Boise’s springtime sun, this is a show everyone will enjoy. You can safely bring your crabby mother-in-law AND your 3-year when the babysitter cancels last minute. In fact, you’ll run into your babysitter at the show.
4. De Lux – Take yourself to the Neurolux for a huge round of dancing, sweat, public groping and cleavage flashing/viewing, facilitated by De Lux grooves.

5. – Spot number five is reserved for my yet-to-be discovered favorite new band. The one I just happen to stumble upon. Because it’s honestly happened for me every year of Treefort.

Allie Morgan

3. Craft Spells
4. Viet Cong
5.  Last Bison
6. Vacationer (I know that’s six but it was too hard!)

Marisa Weppner 

1. De Lux
2. TV On The Radio
3. Turquoise Jeep
4. Omar Souleyman
5. The band that I’ve never heard that blows my mind. This happens at least a few times every year, and is one of the reasons I love the TF so much.

 David Broderick

1. Trampled By Turtles
2. Emily Wells
3. Rubblebucket
4. Hi Ho Silver Oh

5. Transister Send
6. History of Boise Rock at El Korah Shrine Wednesday Night

Drew Lorona

1. Twerps
2. TV On The Radio
3. Black Milk
4. De Lux
5. Naan Violence 

Jeremy Aevermann

1. Tv On The Radio
2. Josh Ritter
3. Built to Spill
4. Chris Fairbanks (comedian)
5. of Montreal

Bronwyn Leslie 

1. Luke Wyland
2. Like a Villain
3. U*
4. Emily Wells
5. All of the shows I accidentally stumble upon 🙂

Elizabeth Corsentino
4. Wilsen
Jessie Wright 
2. AAN
Alex Satterlee
1. Delicate Steve
2. !!!
3. Omar Souleyman
4. Rubblebucket
5. The Shivas