Rigsketball Returns to Treefort

rigsketWant to watch musicians take their skills to the streetball court? 3 on 3 metal bands vs. indie rock basketball battles in their stage clothes? Want to see bands like Built to Spill and BOYS defy all that you knew was possible when they try for that off-the-bumper dunk? We sure do! 

We’re stoked to have another Rigsketball tourney going down at Treefort Music Fest. Rigsketball, the child of Portland’s Mayoral Candidate, Bim Ditson (also drummer for And And And and maker of some mad chainmaille), is an all-band tournament played on a regulation height hoop attached to the back of And And And’s tour van. This light hearted rugby-basketball hybrid competition is one of the many interesting attractions (outside of music) at Treefort.

My favorite thing about Rigsketball is when it becomes wacky ball, and people are just light heartedly having a blast and being ridiculous. -Bim Ditson

Check out this rad video shot by Bridgetown Creative at Treefort 2015 for more on Rigsketball:

Join in on Treefort’s version of March Madness, follow the play-by-plays, and track the brackets at Rigsketball next to Main Stage on Grove St., Sunday 12-7pm. If you are in a band and want to play Rigsketball at Treefort, SIGN UP NOW cause this is gonna RIP!!

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