Festival Tips

  • Practice the 3 R’s:  Reduce (what we don’t need), Reuse (no single use), Recycle (what you cannot refuse or reuse).
  • Walk, bike, carpool, or take the bus.
  • Bring your favorite reusable drink container. Don’t forget your steel pint for beer.
  • Purchase Treefort eco-friendly merchandise and show it off!
  • Bring a collapsible lightweight bag that can be used for merchandise and/or food purchases.
  • Do not litter. Use our awesome Compost, Recycle and Trash stations.
  • Look down, pick up and keep Treefort clean!
  • Spread the word and help others be green.


Green Team

Q: How do I get more information on being a part of the Green Team?
A: Send an email to green@treefortmusicfest.com with your questions.


Q: What can be composted at Treefort?
A: Currently we can only collect items that can be composted in typical backyard compost piles which is food only, minus dairy and meat.

Q: What can be recycled at Treefort?
A: Treefort uses the Boise city recycling service, main items are plastic, aluminium and paper. Here is a complete list.

Carbon Footprint

Q: What is a carbon footprint and why does Treefort measure it?
A: It is the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels. The Main Stage footprint is mainly from power generators and natural gas used by the food vendors. Treefort will begin measuring the Main Stage in 2016 and then move out to include our venues, and performer travels. As a Certified B-Corp, we will set goals to reduce our footprint.

Q: How can I measure my own carbon footprint?
A: Try this.