Each year we try to make progress in our sustainability efforts by improving what we are already doing and adding new initiatives that will address a new problem or improve on an existing initiative that will reduce our environmental impact. Here is what we have done so far and are working on this year.


  • Steel pints for DRAFT beer at the main stage to eliminate single use plastic cups.
  • New water station for the main stage. Steel cups and water bottles needed, no single use cups will be available.
  • Meter water use at Alefort and Main Stage.
  • Launch “ReFort”, the reuse or upcycle of prior Treefort years decorations.


  • Established the Festival Patron Green Pledge when purchasing tickets.
  • Established the Vendor Pledge which requires food vendors to use compostable or recyclable containers.
  • We are growing the Steel Pint initiative to increase the number of reusable cups during the festival.
  • Expansion of our Trash, Recycle, Compost program to other venues.
  • Divert plastic beer cups from recycling to local nurseries for reuse as plant start containers.
  • Establishing Treefort’s carbon footprint for the Main Stage and using carbon credits to offset.
  • Focus on locally made, upcycled merchandise.
  • (Planned) increased use of solar power.


  • Became the first festival to be a Certified B-Corp.
  • Continued the Trash, Recycle, Compost program at the main stage.
  • Continued use of Solar Power Trailer.
  • Reduced beer cup use by introducing the Steel pint cup which can be refilled.
  • Began offering Eco Friendly merchandise (organic blend t-shirts).


  • Establish a Green Team of volunteers to keep the festival clean and manage trash, recycling and compost stations.
  • Provide a composting option.
  • Introduced the use of solar power for parts of main stage.
  • We built trash stations from recycled pallets for the main stage to draw attention and educate patrons on our efforts.