Zack M. Evans

Zack M. Evans



Owyhee – Storyfort Living Room

1109 Main Street

Date & Time

Friday, March 22nd

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm


StoryfortAll Ages


Zack’s love of professional wrestling started around 2001 at the age of 11 when he saw Jeff Hardy jump off a ladder through a table on TV while at his neighbor’s house. He started watching wrestling secretly since he knew his parents wouldn’t approve and got really hooked on it in 2002 watching SmackDown! each Thursday night because of wrestlers like Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero. He fell out of being a wrestling fan through high school and college, but got hooked again in 2016 following WrestleMania 32 after by chance reading a feminist perspective article about the Women’s Championship match on that show then watching it. He immediately fell hard back in love with wrestling and has stayed that way since. Zack is obsessed with numbers, dates, and statistics and brings this encyclopedic information (in widely-varying degrees of usefulness or interest of anyone else) to the whatever is being discussed on the podcast.

Zack also plays bass guitar and will be performing at Treefort in the Doom-Pop band Wild Spells. You can follow Zack on Twitter @KayfabeDad and on Instagram @mychemicaldadpants.


Boise, ID