Treefort 9 Postponed to September 22-26, 2021

winter forever

winter forever

Boise, ID


winterforever is an emo/post-hardcore rock band from Boise, Idaho formed in December of 2017. The band consists of Corey Hugo (Vocals/Guitar), Jess Greaves (Guitar), Chris Hunter (Drums) and Max Graham (Bass). What started as a small side/solo project for Corey quickly evolved into something much bigger within a matter of weeks. After working through the songs with Jess, realizing the potential and a few phone calls to invite the other members, the group got to work very quickly.

The band stayed fairly quiet while finishing their first set of songs, almost to the point of secrecy. Before anyone even knew they existed and after only 5 short months of writing, rehearsing and rewriting the band entered Osmosis Recording Studio and recorded their debut ep “we’re all barely here”.

In early 2019 winterforever spent time on the road. Traveling across the west coast to expand their reach. The band has plans to make more frequent stints on the road in the upcoming year. Currently the group has been keeping quiet, hard at work on their follow up to WABH.