Why Bonnie

Why Bonnie


Why Bonnie started life as the bedroom recording project of Blair Howerton. After various iterations of the line-up, they’re now a settled quintet and recently released their debut EP, In Water, on the excellent Sports Day Records.

Musically, it’s a powerful mix of soaring shoegaze guitars and heartbreaking bedroom-pop; atop a steady, driving drum beat, guitars soar skywards as Blair’s stunning, natural vocals cavort with the effortless tunefulness of Flowers’ Rachel Kennedy or Soccer Mommy’s Sophie Allison. What really shines about this [release] is just how honest it feels; the grief, the loss, the pain, they’re written over every single note, and no matter how many times we’ve listened to it this week, we still can’t stop the goosebumps forming every single time: it’s a very, very special record.

-Alex Dingley – For the Rabbits


Dream Pop + Indie + Rock


Austin, TX