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Weeping Icon

Weeping Icon

Brooklyn, NY


Weeping Icon is an experimental post punk band from Brooklyn, NY. They are releasing their debut self-titled LP this September on Fire Talk Records / Kanine Records. After an 8 year stint playing together intensively in an art psych project, drummer Lani Combier-Kapel and guitarist Sara Fantry channeled the unique creative language they’d developed into a musical endeavor that would express all of the energy left stirring in the inert confines of a long and habituated relationship. Recruiting the classically trained, sludge/doom seasoned bassist Sarah Reinold and the scientifically explorative noise musician (and daughter of a scientist) Sarah Lutkenhaus, they together created a project with the core tenants of equal collaboration, pursuit of challenge, and a dedication to deconstructing the cliches they encountered as often disenfranchised females in a male dominated arena.

The results are an expansive whirlwind of compelling material. Urgent yet calculated riffs rip through a thunderous pummel of percussion, Combier-Kapel’s anomalous blend of punk and psychedelic drumming carries their songs with an atmosphere of organized chaos. Lyrically they are both serious and sarcastic, trading off vocalists to confront issues central to our generation, dosing listeners with a controlled sense of horror and humor like flavors in a dish.

Over the course of their brief existence, Weeping Icon has undergone a steep transformation from what was at first a punk band, into a tenacious performance experience that produces sets woven together by textured sound interludes and a series of unexpected artistic choices. Following their EP “Eyeball Under” (July 2017 via Fire Talk Records / Kanine Records) and a collection of noise material entitled “Ritual Wasteland” (June 2019 via Cold Moon Records), “Weeping Icon” is a collection of 7 songs that archive the band’s metamorphosis into heavier and more provocative territories. In keeping with their live performance, a sequence of dystopian sound interludes complete the album, serving as guided meditations between the candid subversive fury of the main tracks. It is out September 27th.