We Need You!! Filling the gap with Cybersecurity (Part 1)

Presented by: Eleanor Taylor From ciphers to applying theory and composition techniques – music shares many elements with cybersecurity. And much like music, cyber has several different types & genres which are continually in demand. Opportunities abound - from cyber awareness basics and protecting yourself, to lucrative cyber careers that range from information security and threat analysis to computer forensics and protecting critical infrastructure. This session will cover the current cyber landscape and workforce needs and projections. Topics include: Introduction & Overview Cyber landscape Threats and Recent Events Workforce Pipeline and Projections Q&A About Eleanor Taylor: Eleanor Taylor is the Cybercore Program Manager for Workforce Development and University Partnerships within the National and Homeland Security (N&HS) directorate at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). In this role, she is responsible for accelerating and expanding interdisciplinary talent pipeline efforts to address critical control systems challenges across the nation.
We Need You!!  Filling the gap with Cybersecurity (Part 1)