Treefort 9 Postponed to September 22-26, 2021

We Miss The Earth

We Miss The Earth

Portland, OR


“Pop songs played through a buzz saw” – Spin

True to their 90s shoegaze roots, frontman Chris Koza’s songs are filled with melodic hooks layered over and over with fuzz. Moving from Southern California to Portland, Oregon in 2008 Koza found a dynamic lineup to play his noisy pop songs. This lineup includes Boise legend Wayne Flower of Treepeople and State of Confusion and Mistina La Fave of The Prids, who is also currently working on music with shoegaze pioneer Christian Savill of Slowdive. If you want to see the next wave of classic shoegaze, all the elements are there for WMTE to be one of the new important bands in the genre.