Treefort 9 Postponed to September 22-26, 2021

Ursa Miner

Ursa Miner

Anchorage, AK


Musical project of M.T. Howard. For fans of Henry David Thoreau, John O’Donohue, and Mary Oliver. From Anchorage, Alaska, Michael Thomas Howard has traded his previous life in punk rock bands for an increasingly accomplished career in acoustic Americana that includes 4 albums and several hundred shows across North America and Europe over the past several years. The philosopher and poet John O’Donohue said that the outer landscape of the land that we live in is reflected in our inner landscape of the soul and then reflected back out in the life of the music from a region. Michael Thomas Howard’s music is the shape of the Alaskan landscape.

Michael has received multiple songwriting awards and has proudly supported notable artists including including Jeffrey Martin, Samantha Crain, Barton Carroll and others.