Tres Leches

Tres Leches



The Shredder

430 S 10th St

Date & Time

Friday, March 22nd

6:20 pm to 7:00 pm


TreefortAll Ages


“Tres Leches put a powerful message in a good time…” Martin Douglas of KEXP wrote, and it is this element that has allowed Tres Leches to reach new growth both in audience and in artistry. Taking on larger stages and crowds, the band has pushed themselves to navigate new space.

Their audio/visual explorations coupled with bi-lingual tunes and the swapping of vocals and instruments led them to a sold out album release on September 28th at Clock-Out Lounge in Seattle. Tres Leches is using the enormous energy they are receiving from their new audience and putting it into performance art, audience participation and new collaborations.

The album name, “Amorfo” translates to “Amorphous”, which the band believes represents the nature of expression and the endless possibilities that come from the vulnerability they share in their writing process. The album art is made by band member Ulises Mariscal who used collage to represent the album’s sound stemming partially from the trio’s ability to be open with each other about their history, challenges and strengths. Mariscal believes that himself being a painter, D’Alessandro being a videographer and Yates working in audio has enabled the band to open up to interdisciplinary forms of art and be, “without shape”.

Tres Leches’ presence in the media is ever expanding, their new album “Amorfo” finding itself in The Big Take Over, The Seattle Times, The Stranger, Seattle Met and more. The band has also opened for Tacocat and Summer Cannibals as well as played festivals such as Upstream, Freakout Festival, Folklife, Mercer x Summit, Timbrrr! Music Festival and more.

Described externally as “art punk”, “psych-tinged rock” and “evocative pop”, Tres Leches lovingly dubs themselves with the genre “Dark Basement”.


Dream Pop + Psychedelic + Punk


Seattle, WA