THNDR (#LAMG) aka Ryan Scene
Has been making music in multiple fashions, under different aliases since 2002. Playing bass / guitar and doing vocals in hardcore / metal bands. (Death to Cinema, Leslie Vernon, Divine Oneiric, & Forever Awaits) Journeying onward writing hip hop instrumentals and rapping live(Chuck Fyers & Scene Kid Mafia), and even taking a crack at synth pop with EMCB!

Fast forward to 2012 where Ryan created THNDRHRS his first edm Alias with a style of chaos and metal, with heavy dubstep. Then a few years later laying to rest that persona and drawing SiNTER from the ashes. The sole purpose of which was to take you through the “sin” or experience needed to find ones self. Deep Dark and Minimal being the style.

The now Boise based artist, THNDR is a true combination of all that he’s experienced, and focuses his sound around the Deep Dark and Wonky style of bass. Showing his southern roots by adding in hip hop/rap vocals, and turn up trap. “Dirty South Dubstep” is what he calls his style!

THNDR’S main drive has and always will be making music first. While his soundcloud might seem dead now, he has been sitting on a mean chest of new originals ranging from deep dub, trap, hip hop, turn up, drum and bass and anything in between….


Dance + DJ + Electronic