Thick Paint

Thick Paint


Thick Paint has been the solo project of Atlanta born songwriter Graham Ulicny for some time now. In 2017 it ultimately coalesced in Omaha, Nebraska and entered it’s most permanent form yet. Ulicny formed what has become the core of the band with bassist Sarah Bohling (Icky Blossoms) and Ameen Wahba (Little Ripple/Sgt. Leisure) who were roommates at the time. After a year or so of playing with a lot of different folks in Omaha and touring the country with fellow Omahan Anna McClellan, they began recording together. There is an incessant wiggle to the music they make, but it can be traced around a late 70’s electrical new wave pulse. The songs live together in a puffy little world that flits about in myriad abstractions. The current line up includes Ryan Menchaca (And How) on drums and James Aranda (Media Jeweler) on bass.


Experimental + Lo-fi + Pop + Psychedelic + Rock