The Muckers

The Muckers


The mesmerizing sound of The Muckers spreads widely in a delightful garden where God and Satan dance together. Formed in the city of Tehran, Iran in 2014, The Muckers are mainly influenced by 60’s Psychedelic-Rock and some elements of the 70’s Funk Era. After moving to New York City, front man and guitarist Emir Mohseni started to unleash funky and hypnotic arrangements of guitar that soon would be joined by Antony Azarmgin and his righteous bass. Together they played their first show in the US in July 3rd, 2017. Shortly after that, they met drummer John Zimmerman, whom sprawling glamorous style on the drums added a pounding heartbeat to the band. In this short period of time they’ve already supported bands like Jacuzzi Boys, BOYTOY, The Mystery Lights, The Nude Party and Shannon and The Clams. They started recording an album with producer Lucas Carpenter in October of 2017. After coming back from a 3 week tour across the nation, current guitar player Chris Cawley joined the band. On August 1st of 2018 The Muckers signed with Modern Sky USA. Their highly anticipated EP is to be released November 16th.


Dance + Garage + Psychedelic + Rock


Brooklyn, NY