The Lucky One – A Refugee’s Story

The Lucky One – A Refugee’s Story


Bahati, in Kiswahili (one of the DRC’s 242 languages) means “lucky,” and on February 2nd, 2017, Bahati Sudjonga was most certainly deserving of his name. On that day, Bahati walked through the gates of the Boise airport and into the arms of his brother and sister, surrounded by a crowd of news media and well-wishers. He was, in that moment, among the last (if not the last) refugees to arrive in the United States; the following day, the Trump Administration’s first Travel Ban would take effect, barring refugee arrivals into the country.

Join Bahati and the International Rescue Committee in Boise as they recall the story of this turbulent time, and from multiple, intersecting perspectives, the moment Bahati safely crossed the threshold to his new home.


Boise, ID