The Guardians of Virginity

The Guardians of Virginity


Innocently raunchy miscreants, The Guardians of Virginity (The GOV), reign down with metal on the stage. Then out of the ashes, a funky mire envelops the audience, synchronizing hips and guiding the people along the tumultuous musical journey. The GOV has classical influence from Lionel Richie, ABBA, and Frank Zappa melding with modern contemporaries like Ween and Mastodon. Playing varied genres from funk to country to disco to metal, The GOV keeps the audience on their toes.

At every GOV show, the Guardians bring a different and interactive element to enhance the audience’s entertainment value. Their Game Show for Tun Times Event featuring J. Mantooth has successfully toured in the Pacific Northwest. The show combines drinking games, skits, video production, and live music acts, culminating in a variety game show environment.

Arguably, the two best feelings one should be allowed to have in a public setting are dancing and laughing. The Guardians of Virginity both provides and protects these causes.


Country + Funk + Heavy + Metal + Pop


Boise, ID