The Ghost Ease

The Ghost Ease

Portland, OR


THE GHOST EASE is an evocative independent music project envisioned by multi-modality Cuban-American artist, Jem Marie. The unique post-rock project vibrates with life from Jem’s dynamic lilting vocal stylings, rambunctious fresh guitarwork and emotive artful compositions.

Listeners who appreciate artists from Deerhoof to Weyes Blood will be drawn into THE GHOST EASE’s inspired blend of grit and beauty. By turns impassioned and playful, percussive melodies braid with layers of distortion, rising and falling like a tide. Jem’s mesmerizing, fluid vocals span a dynamic range of emotional landscapes, mixing gentle intimacy with fiery force.

Known for compelling live performances, with two acclaimed LPs and one EP under their belt, THE GHOST EASE’s Jem Marie—who also has a background in visual art, film, writing, and jewelry making—approaches her creations like sacred spellwork, offering herself as a conduit for the mystery to move through. Stay tuned for THE GHOST EASE’s forthcoming third full-length album.