The Dirty Moogs

The Dirty Moogs


Hello Friends, and welcome please to make dancing with us! Even if you are, perhaps, smelly or behind on your taxes, do not make frowning or cry with your face. Instead, please wear appropriate pants or other fashionable active clothing for a tantrum of FUN DANCING with LASERS, ROBOTS, FRIENDS, REFRESHMENTS, and SNACKS!!!! We have crafting many special songs for validating all your happy emotion-feelings and also maybe increasing your credit score perhaps. Each performancing is an expert symphony of major delight for all your mortal sensations and breakdancing needs. Additionally, please do not be alarmed by Wolfgang’s dancing, there is no need to requesting any medical assistance for him. He is just having fun!

Making all seriousness, in Treefort Festival Season 2019 we will be very excited to see you all, including old and new friends!


Dance + Electronic + Pop


Boise, Germany