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The Brankas

The Brankas

San Francisco, CA


The Brankas are an experimental math-punk duo from San Francisco, CA. The band was formed in 2014 by Theo Slavin (guitar & vocals) and Taylor McElroy (drums & synthesizer) and they have since fine-tuned an asymmetrical style focused around start/stop dynamics, odd time signatures, and off kilter pop. “Expect calculated chaos from this two-piece: Theo Slavin’s melodic guitar antics paired with unpredictable samples, Taylor McElroy’s spontaneous drum breaks punctuated by synth freak-outs, shouted sing-alongs sideswiped by bewildering drum machine cacophony, and much, much more.” (Ben Einstein, The Bay Bridged, 2019)

Their second album, “SAFES”, was released on August 30th, 2019. Featuring ten songs about environmental collapse, Alt-Right personalities, bedbugs, data use, and watching someone punch the hood of a luxury car in the middle of a crosswalk (among other things), “SAFES” expands on previous releases while further focusing on a “Pop” mentality, denser noise adventures and fun fun fun.