Storay Faizi

Storay Faizi



Owyhee (storyfort)

1109 Main Street

Date & Time

Thursday, March 21st

1:30 pm to 3:00 pm


StoryfortAll Ages


Storay Faizi, Kabul, Afghanistan. Has lived in Boise for nine years. Left Kabul in 1998 and lived in Uzbekistan as a refugee for almost 12 years.

When I was a teenager in Afghanistan I was so happy. I remember my brother was always grabbing things from me—my jump rope, my doll, my bike—whatever I was eating. When I did homework at school he was always bothering me. And now he is so nice to me. Right now he lives in Germany. I miss him very much. My favorite memory from Afghanistan was being on the swing at my parents’ house. When I was swinging I felt happy. And now when I think about it, I miss my parents’ house and my family being together. Right now everybody is in a different place, not like before. In Afghanistan I remember small kids always running, I remember kids talking, yelling, laughing, playing, the sound of jump ropes and playing with dolls. It was a childhood like everybody else’s. It was a happy time.


Boise, ID