Spooky Mansion

Spooky Mansion


Spooky Mansion is four friends who met in San Francisco and started playing together in 2014. Since then they have lived together at various stages and have focused their time and energy on writing and recording new music and touring through out California, the North West, and South West. The music takes influence from jazz (two members have their degrees in jazz performance), the Pixies, The Beach Boys, Orange Juice, and others. Their recorded music ranges from dancy disco, ‘Disco Bitch’ to more experimental surf-hop ‘I’m The Moon’. Their latest full length album Alright focus itself more of an indie rock sound.

Featured #2 on podcast Who Charted?, Spooky is compared to Vampire Weekend, Rolling Stones, and Alabama Shakes and described as “relevant, upbeat, fun and dancy”. Their live shows take this to another level with raucous and rhythmically driven performances with members dancing on stage, kicking over drums and occasionally partaking in good humored on-stage combat. During their most recent tour through Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Oregon and Seattle, fans came out to dance, sing along, buy shirts, vinyl, and CDs and generally share in the fun, excitement and positivity that Spooky delivers.


Indie + Rock + Soul + Surf


San Francisco, CA