Obsessed with sound and technology from a young age, Sonis has spent years honing his craft. He pulls influence from many genres, and turns out textured moody music that’s hard to pin down. Jungle, Footwork, Dancehall, Hip hop, Grime, Garage, Dubstep. They’re all close, but not enough on their own. If you like thick, distorted bass lines, frantic breaks, dark melancholy melodies, and an occasional stupid party banger, you’ll love him.

Sonis cofounded Sublimate Records with some of his friends in Portland, Oregon. Their small, but growing catalog shows mountains of promise, and their 5 year running club night has brought some of the world’s top underground talent to Portland.

He’s garnered support from and played alongside some of the biggest artists in the scene, and has been picking up shows up and down the west coast. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Sonis.


DJ + Electronic


Portland, OR