Snoozy Moon

Snoozy Moon



Grainey’s Basement

107 S 6th St

Date & Time

Saturday, March 23rd

7:30 pm to 8:10 pm




Formed in 2014, the members of Snoozy Moon first started playing together in Bellingham WA, as a brother-sister bass and drums rhythm section. They soon added the innovative and experimental sounds of Mark Charles on guitar, organ, and theremin. Soon after they transitioned to SE Idaho and promptly set about recording their first release, “A New Kind of Brew,” and touring the surrounding area. With ambitions to continue to create and share the music they enjoy, Snoozy Moon released their second album, self-titled, in April 2016 to positive audience reception. “This is trippy, psychedelia at its best,” described G.W. Hill of the album on Music Street Journal.

Developing their own brand of audio-visual psychedelia, bassist Anna Rochelle began experimenting with stop-motion animation and released their first claymation music video for single “Desert Morning” in 2015, as well as experimenting with different cinematic and animation techniques to develop a one-of-a-kind projected light show that brings a new scope of originality to Snoozy Moon’s live performance. Snoozy Moon’s live shows have been described as “awesome early Floyd-esqe psychedelic rock that makes you feel like you took too many drugs in a big desert” (The Struggle Club), “Not just a show, but an experience to be had” (Idaho Falls Booking Company), and a group with “an awesome original vibe that takes you away from day to day monotony and immerses you into a colorful world of psychedelia.” (Caleb Rosenkrance – Hot Pursuit).

New innovative songwriting techniques developed by drummer / vocalist Andrew Peterson led to their latest album, “said the squirrel,” released in November 2017. The album was preceded by the release of the single “if I could,” as well as accompanying animated music video. Fuzzy Sun described the album as “A refreshing take on psychedelic music. By combining a lot of different influences they have created an original and trippy sound”.

Snoozy Moon’s sound has been described as a mixture of progressive and high energy experimental pop-rock. Borrowing from progressive and experimental artists of the past and adding modern psych-pop sensibilities, Snoozy Moon offers a new take on psychedelic music. Weaving between the dreamlike soundscapes and syncopated rhythms; aspects of jazz, krautrock, ambient, progressive rock and electronic offer a listening experience that’s uniquely Snoozy Moon.

With upwards of 4 hours of original material, Snoozy Moon has enjoyed the experience of traveling in their blue school bus and sharing their music to enthusiastic reception all across the United States. With touring experience in states such as Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, Snoozy Moon hopes to continue to develop and write new music and share it with new people all across the country and hopefully surrounding countries as well.

A Southern U.S. Tour is in Snoozy Moon’s near future, and when they return, it’s back to the studio to finish and record their upcoming release.


Indie + Psychedelic + Rock


Pocatello, ID