If you’ve seen seePySea(H)or$ze before…you haven’t (kind of).

As Treefort 2018 was ending, Boise barista/musician Joey Corsentino popped up on the main stage as a surprise guest trumpeter with Built To Spill, before seemingly vanishing from the scene entirely… And then in the summer, Joey’s music project/band/alter-ego SLeePYseaHORSE began releasing several new songs, that were quite different from his prior material. Gone was his usual straightforward “guitar singer” approach to songwriting. Corsentino had been spending night after night in his closet-sized home-recording studio, steadily succumbing to the musical dark side: synthesizers.

This abrupt new musical direction soon revealed a well of untapped inspiration, and it was not long before a new SLEEPYSEAHORSE album titled “SHELLFISH AMBITION” was completed. Corsentino also surprised everyone by dropping his former basic and humble stage performances, and creating a pseudo-parody live show that includes a sports jacket adorned with LED lights, a drum set used for snack tables, and several mysterious masked band members (who may or may not be actually playing their instruments).

Because of a new and unique live energy that showcases both Joey Corsentino’s personality and Sleepy Seahorse’s music, you can see sSLeEpY sSeAhOrRse at Treefort 2019 again AND for the first time.


Dream Pop + Experimental + Indie + Lo-fi + New Wave


Boise, ID