Sick Wish

Sick Wish


Sick Wish was formed in 2014 by Brett Nelson (formerly of Built To Spill) and his son, Jonah, joined by Boise musicians Craig Macomb and Eddie Dunne. Their sound has been described as a mix of post punk, new wave and shoegaze with a new original twist that they refer to as New(er) Wave. They have self released a full length c.d. “Riddelvoid”, two videos produced by James Reeves, two 7″s on Boise label Hi-Fi Mantra and will release an e.p. 12/1/18 “but you love electricity” also on Hi-Fi Mantra. They have toured the PNW and CA and have opened for Treepeople, The Prids, The Secret Light, Leading Psychics, and Miss Rayon. They are planning a spring west coast tour with The Prids and numerous shows around the PNW.


New Wave + Shoegaze