Shrug Dealer

Shrug Dealer



Tom Grainey’s

109 S 6th St

Date & Time

Sunday, March 24th

9:00 pm to 9:40 pm




New York is known for being home to transplants, adventurers, and outcasts. Thus is the story of Shrug Dealer, a band from New York City, but not really from New York City. After vocalist/guitarist Russ Worstell moved out East from Boise, Idaho in 2016, he spent the better part of a year looking to find people who could play fast, catchy, and technically challenging punk rock. Thankfully in early 2018 he met Ramon Nogueira, a scientist-by-day, drummer-by-night who had just moved to the states from Barcelona, Spain with an affinity for Lagwagon. Fellow Idahoan Rob Lanterman moved to the big city to fill the other half of the vocals/guitar spectrum shortly after. Before the band could settle to be a three-piece, New Jersey punk veteran Sol “Doubt” Caceras reached out and was added as a bass player and vocalist. Finally, Shrug Dealer’s lineup was complete.

The band wasted no time in writing and recording their debut EP, a self-titled 6 song package running only 12 minutes. The result is clearly that of musicians who have always wanted to play this brand of punk rock, but were never given the chance until now. Eager to be loud, fast, and musically adventurous in any way they were told not to, Shrug Dealer is coming in hard to the New York City punk scene, and they don’t plan on slowing down or shutting up any time soon.


Punk + Rock


New York City, NY