Treefort 9 Postponed to September 22-26, 2021



Seattle, WA


Sharlese Metcalf has worked in the local music community for over 10 years. She began her radio career at Green River Community College in 2001 hosting their Northwest music-focused show Local Motion on KGRG. From there she began interning at KEXP working on Audioasis as an assistant to the host and booker. In 2009, She became the producer of the show, and in 2012, was promoted to host and KEXP’s Music Community Events Coordinator. In 2018, Sharlese resigned as host of Audioasis and now manages education at KEXP, leading various community focused programs such as Mastering the Hustle, 90.TEEN and KEXP’s Youth Resonance Board. She also is a rotating host Expansions on KEXP and champions the local music community as a DJ and promoter of events, additionally serving on the board for Northwest Film Forum, the Seattle Music Commission and is a member of the collective TUF.

Sharlese will be performing a DJ set at Treefort 2020, along with the various Music Talks workshops she is participating in.