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see night

see night

San Francisco, CA


see night is a San Francisco independent rock band whose dynamic live show alternates between hard-driving and dreamy. With singer/songwriter Linda Sao, drummer Cory Aboud, guitarist Patrick Andrews, and double bassist Jeff Kissell, the 4-piece continues to build on the foundation of catharsis of its self-released debut, WHERE ARE YOU. The 2018 sophomore release, YOU ARE US swells in and out of psych, shoegaze, and dream pop elements with its emotive layering of bowed strings and haunting vocals. see night has opened for Bonnie Prince Billy, Rogue Wave, John Vanderslice, and Widowspeak, toured with The Pack A.D., and Linda has DIY toured solo electric in Europe.

“A stunner, dreamy, and strummy, and psychedelic, moody and melancholic…equal parts Pixies/Breeders pop smarts, and shoegaze-y Mazzy Star haze… slow building to something much more epic, maybe like a girl pop Godspeed… with a lush sonic palette and a propensity for epicry” — Aquarius Records, SF’s oldest independent record store (Andee Connors/A Minor Forest)