Sautrah is a Boise native DJ and songwriter. Since her first gig in 2013 she has played in multiple states, gained national attention, was a resident DJ at an EDM exclusive nightclub for 2 ½ years, and played every venue in Boise including local favorite events Sensory Illumination, Treefort, and Konnexion Music Festival. Her music taste is eccentric and she aims to combine genres traditionally not put together in new ways, while curating an audio-emotional journey for the crowd.

“When I taught myself how to DJ in 2012 there were no women for me to look up to, locally or on the festival circuit. I had to believe in myself, and know that what I did mattered. It’s been central to my career to book other women in the shows that I throw, and to be the example I didn’t have for younger girls. I want them to know that they can do it too, and they are just as capable as their male peers.”

She is currently attending Boise State University for a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing Poetry where she will graduate with honors in the Fall. Her plan this summer is to self-produce a debut EP, with original vocals and lyrics she’s been actively working on for years.


DJ + Electronic + Experimental