Ryan Bayne

Ryan Bayne


Ryan Bayne is most often described as the love child of Tom Waits and Johnny Cash because of his vocal tambor and range. His songs tell stories about love, loss, redemption, and the toil of man, while blending a number of Americana sub-genres.

Mr. Bayne has two records under his belt, Saints & Strangers AND Beloved, that were created with the collaboration of some of Boise’s finest musical talent. Recording for Adjusting The Rearview (the working title for his next album) is under way and it is shaping up to be a jazzy, classic country album with a tinge of punk rock. So, that will be something to look for in 2019!

When he isn’t working on his own music, or collaborating with other local musicians on their music, he finds himself working with independent filmmakers creating soundtracks and original tunes for film, and even directing music videos for other independent artists. Also, his drink of choice is bourbon.


Alternative + Americana + Blues + Country + Rock