Treefort 9 Postponed to September 22-26, 2021

Rainbow Eric

Rainbow Eric

South Pasadena, CA


Rainbow Eric is an Idaho and Boise native whose passion for the outdoors, health and wellness, service, Self-realization and complete love of life shines through in his character and overall way of being. As both a lifelong student and teacher, his fields of interest and study are vast and cover a wide array of practices and modalities. Everything from yoga, body work, meditation, shamanism, tantra, astrology, psychology, performance art, whole foods healing, dance, and music to permaculture, deep ecology, social justice work, activism, neurobiology, plant medicine, geology, sacred geometry, community organising, youth mentoring and more…the list goes on and on with this guy! Eric’s unique teaching style is a fusion of all he has learned and continues to both pursue and birth in the world. He believes we are here on this Earth to celebrate the miracle and gift of life in every way we can and hopes to share in this dance with as many people as possible. Come out and play in class, on the streets, in the great outdoors, at the farmers market, or on a dance floor…catch me if you can…One…Two…Three…GO! ~ STAY WILD AND FREE ~

Class Description:

Rainbow Yoga – Spring Cleaning!
A journey through the chakras combining color therapy, kundalini, breath, chanting, yoga flow, meditation, astrology, magic and MORE!