Treefort 9 Postponed to September 22-26, 2021

Rainbow Eric and Stacy Matulis

Rainbow Eric and Stacy Matulis

Los Angeles, CA


Rainbow Eric and Stacy Matulis have been weaving their forces together since first meeting in Bulgaria at the Udaya Live festival in 2017. Upon meeting, they had a deep rekognition of shared purpose and life mission which led them towards partnering in 2019.

They individually had been teaching and facilitating integrative healing for nearly two decades. Their combined disciplines and trainings cover yoga, depth psychology, breathwork, meditation, energy healing, massage, shamanism, communication, nutrition, astrology, activism, couples work and more.

They share a hunger and commitment for awakening and joyful living that guides their studentship, teachership and overall way of life!

Stacy and Eric offer a transmission of love and welcoming which creates a space of profound safety where authenticity and healing can bloom.

Come and play…leave transformed!

Class Description:

Somatic Breathwork Healing
Somatic Breathwork Healing utilizes a yogic pranayama to safely support the breather into an altered state of consciousness.