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Rachaels Children

Rachaels Children

Seattle, WA


Rachaels Children are a three-piece experimental punk band from Seattle who’s sound combines rhythmic looping guitars, driving beats and wailing vocals to create a crescendo of noise that is equal parts beautiful and terrifying. Imagine if Bikini Kill and Talking Heads had three babies and raised those babies on sugar, anger and rock n’ roll.

The group began in a backyard where housemates Meer (guitar/looper) and REL (vox) explored musical ways to express their domestic anxieties and frustrations. Their meeting and musical union lead to their first song, the subtly-named “Get The Fuck Out.”

In 2017, Rel met a drummer named Jordi on the set of a Shabbaz Palace’s video shoot. The scene: an extended make-out amidst a cult wedding drama. The result: Rachaels Children screamed into the world.

The band has performed in many of the established music venues throughout the city, such as, Barboza, Central Saloon, Fred Wildlife, Victory Lounge, Cafe Racer etc. They have also created close relationships while performing with bands; Rat Queen, Danny Denial, Powerstrip, No Baby, Flesh Produce and Black Ends.

The group says their passion for creating sound “stems from a desire to reject compliance and provide a space for communal tantrums.” This is a band that will look you in the eye, bark in your face, and send you home wanting more.