Paul Kenny Canyon Grass

Paul Kenny Canyon Grass



Pengilly’s Saloon

513 W Main St

Date & Time

Saturday, March 23rd

10:00 pm to 10:50 pm




After a decade as an indie folk solo artist, Paul Kenny formed a band with veteran banjo guitar picker Shane Burroughs and legendary fiddle lap steel mandolin multi-instrumentalist Don Teschner. All 3 musicians based out of Topanga Canyon began headlining shows at their home venue in Topanga Canyon at the once Noel young owned froggies they formed out of a Hootenany jam at the famed Venice beach Culver City truck stop shows canyon grass has an old school blue grass folk rock country sound dubbed canyon country and has released a series of clips
Of there jam band like sensibilities mixed with the traditional sound of their native Topanga roots essentially touching on the essence of early Neil young Taj Mahal canned heat little feat they bring a fresh approach to the roots music of their home town of Topanga canyon allot of the songs were concepts that came threw for Paul aka papa wolf during long nights back at paul’s property where the old famed corral venue once stood in the back property where paul and his family had erected an Adobe home where it’s rumored that Pam and Jim Morrison once had there bungalow (roadhouseblues) canyon grass is steeped in the folklore of Topanga canyon and it’s deep rooted history of folk bluegrass jam band legends bringing a modern audience a fresh perspective of what it’s like to live and struggle amidst the monster oak trees and creek that lines and winds down hwy 27 Canyon grass most recent hurrah was at the bands own venue the heart lodge honky tonk where they played between Grace potter and Jade of Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros if one we’re to ask how well received the band is they’d need to look no further than the dancing girls and boys that attend their shows and find themselves dancing threw and singing too every original number the band pulls out
Don teschner string man fiddle player is famed for the biggest concert of all time with Ron wood and rod Stewart a Guinness book of world records 4.6 million people the biggest out door festival ever held and for his musicianship on countless records as rod Stewart’s mtv unplugged
Shane Burroughs the banjo man is a folk legend around town for decades playing behind the infamous general store as pre Taj Mahals fame had been tajs rumored origin of discovery Shane has no less the talent and skills of his predecessors
Paul or aka Papa wolf has opened for famed legends such as Merle haggard Dwight Yoakam Leon Russel and the list goes on
The band has currently enlisted fellow percussionist Matt diamond manager of the Duane Betts son of allman brothers Dickie betts and now of Canyon Grass as an in-house manager and drummer
Matt’s credibility speaks for itself
Canyon Grass currently has there sound and sites set on bringing a musical honesty that is steeped in the history and future of the Topanga canyon legacy


Americana + Bluegrass


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