San Francisco, CA


Palomas is an alternative pop band started in 2017 by SF-based songwriter Taylor Giffin. The project started as electro-acoustic bedroom recordings and has grown into a low key underground supergroup. Their live performance blends layers of obscure textural sounds with intrinsic pop sensibilities that envelop and uplift audiences.

Against the backdrop of San Francisco’s extreme rent, as many artists left town and cherished venues closed down, Giffin moved in and out of various subleases, from backyard huts to abandoned buildings, continuing to work on demos.

With an objective to recreate a handful lo-fi recordings, Giffin formed a trio with Marcus Stoesz (Gentle Spirit) on keys and Zachary Vito (Brook Terrace) on drums. In August 2017, the trio played their first show at the Alena Museum in Oakland. The band soon expanded, adding Taylor McElroy (the Brankas) on bass and Ainsley Wagoner (Silverware) on guitar and vocals.
In October 2018, the band released a 4 song EP. The group has since coalesced into a 7-piece power lineup, adding saxophonist Justin Tomlin (Blank Square), and percussionist Sam Berman (Magic Magic Roses).

Within their bright and hazy sound is an underpinning of hope and despair, reality and perception, mortality and life itself.

Palomas (aka P-Band) is a musical party wave, outputting posi vibes that fly in all directions.