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Boise, ID


Oyó is the project of Boise based singer-songwriter, Caiti Fadness. Coming from a background in folk-pop, Fadness is no stranger to hooky melodies and confessional, metaphor-laden lyrics, but it’s a sense of experimentation and self discovery that leads the way for her first solo project, set to be released February 2020.

Big beats and lush vocal layers become the glue for a sonically diverse journey that dabbles in jazz, r&b, hip hop and indie pop influences. While loss, heartache, and disconnection are major themes of her debut record, at the emotional core, these songs reveal a woman confronting herself and coming into her own through the process of deconstruction. Following the inspiration and letting each song have its own unique identity, Oyó achieves a sound that is playfully dark and driving, and carves out her own niche in the alt-pop world.