The Shredder

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Friday, March 22nd

8:20 pm to 9:00 pm


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The Olympic

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Sunday, March 24th

9:30 pm to 10:10 pm




ORUÃ is a child of downtown, was born at night and attends the balls at dawn. The latest music project by Lê Almeida, one of the most important Indie rock artists from South America to be discovered, this time accompanied by João Luiz and Phill Fernandes.

The ensemble emerged at the end of 2016, during improvisation sessions at Escritório* in Rio de Janeiro, where everything was taped, trimmed, reassembled and pasted, giving birth to their first record Sem Bênção / Sem Crença, released in Brazil by Transfusão Noise Records* and just released in the United States as a double LP via IFB Records.

With nuances of krautrock and free jazz, the lyrics, always in Portuguese, bring encoded messages and guided symbols, turning music into a potential weapon. Live, ORUÃ is a stage for fraternity, occasionally counting on a second drummer, percussion and some extra vocals.

Between one trip and another, they released some singles and are recording their second album, Romã, which will be released in Brazil and in the US in early 2019 on vinyl, another partnership between Transfusão Noise Records and IFB Records.

*Transfusão Noise Records (TNR) is an independent record label founded by Lê Almeida in 2004. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the label has released 99 records over the years, including Lê’s bands Oruã, Treli Feli Repi, Tape Rec, Babe Florida, as well as his solo work.

It was born out of the idea of creating a label to represent all of the good noise being made between friends in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Baixada Fluminense.

More recently, the label’s founder, Lê Almeida, one of the label’s partners, João Casaes, and further João Luiz, who also plays in Oruã, toured as the new members of Built to Spill, playing shows in Brazil and Chile.

*Created in 2013, Escritório “Office”, the label’s headquarters, has assembled bands in a DIY community. There, the bands meet to rehearse, record, hold events, workshops and do social studies. Over these 5 years, Escritório has received bands from all over Brazil and the world, carrying the honor of being the samba’s capital main punk underground house.


Indie + Jazz + Post-Rock + Psychedelic + Rock


Rio de Janeiro, BR