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Denver, CO


Neoma has captivated music lovers all over the world with her dreamy yet energetic “Lunar Pop” hits. In 2017, Neoma hit the top of the Ecuadorian charts with her infectious single “Real.” Since then, she’s played concerts to thousands of fans throughout South America. Hundreds of thousands of fans have enjoyed Neoma’s music videos and have streamed her songs on digital platforms. Relocating with her producer, Danny Pauta, from Cuenca, Ecuador to Denver, Colorado. While in Denver, Neoma has recorded new music and has started to make waves in the Denver scene, earning radio airplay and media recognition in the 303.

Their 10-song album “Real” will be released on November 29th. They will be embarking on a West Coast tour in support of the new album in March of 2020, ending the tour with performances at SXSW as an official artist.