Natasha Vinik

Natasha Vinik


Natasha Vinik is a bay area comedian – she’s the first to do stand-up in virtual reality, and with a mother from Peru and a Jewish, South African father – her unique perspective and experience makes her comedy fun, frightening, and falafel. Minus the falafel. She’s allergic.

Natasha regularly performs in the bay area – from the SF Punchline to Comedy Oakland, all the way up to a bowling alley in Rohnert Park and everywhere in between! She’s performed in Seattle and Portland, and she visits LA frequently – you might have caught her performing at the historic Ice House.

In addition to stand-up Natasha is both a producer and a well versed host – she co-produces two monthly shows in San Francisco: A Clockwork Comedy Show at Milk Bar, and Hot Garbage (a variety show that showcases ladies/poc/lgbtq talent and raises money for Planned Parenthood) at Endgames- Stagewerx Theater. She co-produces a Facebook LIVE show called In Demand, On Demand which streams on FB every Thursday!

You might recognize Natasha from when she went on 30 Dates in 30 Days and live blogged about it on , or from when she cried at your local ice cream store because of how beautiful ice cream is, or hey, you might not recognize her at all! Sometimes she doesn’t either!


San Francisco, CA