Monica + The Shy Boys

Monica + The Shy Boys


‘Monica’ started as a bedroom project for songwriter, Caitlyn Faircloth (Moscow, Idaho native) in late summer 2015 after moving to Astoria, OR. Focusing on experimental guitar playing and lyrics that lean more towards poetry than traditional folk songwriting, Caitlyn drenched herself in a world of lo-fi recordings, cut and paste mixing and late-night sessions with friends to craft a sound that was sleepy, repetitive and abstract.

With the ambition to begin playing shows, she looked to her friends to help find a more concrete version of this sound. A simple variation of Monica began playing out and touring as a two-piece project in the Pacific Northwest. As time went on and the cast of Monica began to grow and rotate, her simple melodic and moody songs began to take shape into what is now Monica + The Shy Boys, asymmetrical experimental pop music. The online presence of Monica still lingers in the more soft and lonely side of this project, but the live performance (due to the ‘Shy Boys’) is a very full experience, in both sound and feeling.

Members of Monica have included Kai Dakers, Cooper Trail, Will Elias, Olaf Ydstie, Luke Ydstie, Darin O’brien, Joe Marsh and Casey Klep-Matson. All members of the band have consistently been pursuing their individual musical endeavors all the while supporting Monica as a local and touring band in the Pacific Northwest.


Dream Pop + Experimental + Indie + Rock