Mikey Siegel

Mikey Siegel



JUMP (Inspire Studio)

1000 W Myrtle St

Date & Time

Saturday, March 23rd

1:00 pm to 1:50 pm


HackfortYogafortAll Ages


Mikey Siegel is a robotics engineer turned consciousness hacker. He envisions a present and future where science and technology support psychological, emotional and spiritual flourishing. Where our devices not only connect us to information, but also connect us to ourselves and each other, acting as a catalyst for individual and collective awakening. He is currently teaching at Stanford University, founder of Consciousness Hacking, BioFluent Technologies, the Transformative Technology Conference, and serving on the board of Trustees of the California Institute of Integral Studies. He received an MS in robotics from the MIT Media Lab.

Technology and the Future of Awakening

In this interactive discussion we’ll explore some of the core questions and conflicts that define our complex relationship with modern technology, and its role in our future.

What is technology? Is it not a form of human expression, woven into our vast cultural landscape, along with what we call art, science, politics, religion and spirituality? With the right intention and skill, can technology support individual and collective awakening? Is this already happening? What would this look like? How might our beliefs about, and relationship to technology need to change for it to be truly in service to the evolution of our human experience? How would humanity change if we could create secular, science based, and universally accessible tools, that could radically accelerate the path to awakening?


San Francisco, CA