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Micheline Berry

Micheline Berry

Los Angeles, CA


“Yoga is the unifying art of transforming dharma into action. Be it through inspired thought, properly nurturing our children, a painting, a kindness or an act of peace that forever moves humanity forward.”

Micheline Berry is a yogini, multimedia artist and film maker. Her Liquid Asana™ LIVE vinyasa yoga journeys, teacher trainings and Yoga+Art retreats integrate yoga with creative process, flow with mindful stillness, creativity with intellectual vigor, world art & culture with personal introspection. As a pioneer in the art of integrating live world music with yoga sadhana, Micheline’s work is often accompanied by a live ensemble or DJ. Her trainings, workshops and retreats powerfully catalyze clarity, embodiment and creativity. Empowering the art in others is her passion and over the years she has helped people from all walks of life liberate their creative expression and successfully develop and give momentum to their life art through her unique fusion of yoga, mindfulness meditation and creative process.

Based in Venice, CA, Micheline leads Yoga, Creativity & The Artist’s Journey trainings, festival workshops and retreats internationally, including her two hubs in Europe and Brazil. Liquid Asana LIVE: Yoga, Creativity & The Artist’s Journey, is her 12-DVD full spectrum vinyasa yoga program consisting of 12 different sequences and a 40-day yoga, mindfulness & creativity program.

I believe with all of my heart in the archetype of the Yogi Artist. I believe that yoga is a sacred art without hierarchies… an art that is seeded in each person with a unique potential, creative expression and consequential bloom. I believe that realizing our life art is as deep a spiritual practice as it gets.

Class Descriptions:

RHYTHM IS THE CURE: A Body . Drum . Dance Journey
Go deeper into a creative flow, where drummer and mover disappear into an ecstatic state of union. Dance your heart out and your ass off!

Somatic Yoga & The Heroine’s Journey
The Hero’s Journey in conjunction with a Vinyasa journey, live music and meditation, to answer the call of your own badass human adventure.