Masood Ali Khan

Masood Ali Khan


Masood Ali Khan, PhD has a unique kirtan and voice; offering a heat opening mesmerizing combination of the enchanting ‘Hand Pan’ with sacred mantras and the intention to support the human creative potential to reconnect with love & nature.
His instruments of choice are the Hang drum from Switzerland various Hand Pans; Congas and Bongos and are gently reintroducing the guitar in some live yoga and ceremonies and his wrapping up 2 albums.
He has 3 music albums and has played on many artists album projects and supported numerous yoga teachers and festivals around the world. He has performed and recorded with Grammy-nominated musicians Yuval Ron, Sheela Bringi, Dave Stringer, Platinum Israeli artist Idan Raichel as well as countless masters of music in the world and folk genres.
His music has been featured on documentaries and International Art Installations such as ‘Color Therapy’ 2014 by Artist: Marcos Lutyens. Video and composed music by Yuval Ron, showed simultaneously in Amsterdam – Rembrandt Square, London- Picadilly Circus, Milan – Duomo, NYC – Time Sq, Toronto – Dundas Square, Singapore – Orchard Rd.
He played percussion with his first collaboration, a band of two called Global Love playing alongside House and Techno DJ’s since the late 90 in Amsterdam, Ibiza, Miami NYC, Thailand.
Has been on the DJ club tour through Turkey for MTV Europe.
Now the world of Dance and Yoga have come together, his kit sometimes includes all the hand pans, congas, bongos, guitar and even DJ’s to support all the dance, meditative and heart opening elements needed in a contemporary yoga class.
He has taught and toured in Europe and as far as China, Japan.
Collaborating with well-known musicians the yoga and world music scene he also can be heard on the albums of DJ Drez, Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda, Sheela Bringi, EarthRise Sound System, Steve Gold, Opera Singer Sasha Lazard, Terra Gold, Ashley Wynn, and Monica Page Subia.
Masood has studied, practiced and taught energy medicine and meditation for over 25 years with Master Luong Ming Dang and incorporates these techniques into his recorded music and live concert & retreats.
Masood also teaches and performs with his beloved partner, Yoga master Sianna Sherman. They are committed to helping nurture a healthy progressive balance of the masculine and feminine for individual and couples happiness as ‘Alchemy Of Love’.
He is also an actor, with a major life as a top international fashion model. He also is a certified teacher in Heather Lyle’s Vocal Yoga Method and Dr Eric Goodman’s Foundation Training and currently in a 2 year shadow work mentoring program with Robert August Masters training with men’s groups. He is dedicated to helping humanity as much as possible with his talents and this extended to become a Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore and has since started to call his Kirtan concerts Climate Kirtan, sharing much need information about the environment and guardianship and sustainability of our planet.
This all comes together in his own personal program called ‘Connection to Creation’.


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Los Angeles, CA