Treefort 9 Postponed to September 22-26, 2021

Marisa Radha

Marisa Radha

Boise, ID


Marisa Radha is well known for her authentic self-expression, humorous yet grounded, as she empowers students to live their highest potential on all levels of being.

Her personal quest to explore the essence of a spiritually charged life has gifted her with many passions, from the tarot to shamanism to plant medicine and meditation to chanting and bhakti yoga. Since completing the Interdisciplinary Yoga and Advanced Teacher Trainings at the Nosara Yoga Institute in 2002, Marisa has dedicated her life to sharing the art and science of yoga. She uses her graduate degree in Transpersonal Psychology, Life Coaching and Pranassage to bring a real-world mix of eastern and western spiritually and psychology to her classes for self-empowerment and awakening. As an ERYT 500, Marisa is the Lead Instructor for Sage Yoga & Wellness’s 200 and 300 HR yoga teacher training schools, and is honored to be a 1000 HR Nosara Yoga Master Educator.

In addition to a full-on yoga life, Marisa is a mother, is DJ Chakra Khan, and is the co-creator and co-curator of Yogafort for Treefort Music Fest.

Marisa can be found guiding weekly classes at her studios in Boise, Idaho, Sage Yoga & Wellness and Source meditation | space. Watch her yoga classes online at

Check out herbook ‘Vinyasa Yoga Made Simple: 27 Days of Self-Discovery’ and her podcast ‘Love, Service, Wisdom’.

Class Description:

Sonic Savasana
Radha guidance and East Forest’s music will lead you into a fully restorative, highly blissful meditative state.