Portland indie-folk songstress MAITA’s “focused, American realist psalm…sets her far apart from her indie contemporaries (American Standard Time).” Her songs stand testament to the beautiful mess that we call life, offering rallying cries for the quiet warrior, the inquisitive seeker and the fierce lover.

Her two most recent releases in 2018 display opposing sides of MAITA’s carefully crafted coin, from “Japanese Waitress” (featured on Tender Loving Empire’s Friends of Friends compilation), comprised of a “sobering melody” and “deeply personal storytelling” that “calls both Sufjan Stevens and Joni Mitchell to mind (NPR)”, to “Kid Anymore”, a “perfect two-minute pop rock song (Vortex)” recently featured on Vortex Music Magazine’s limited pressing vinyl compilation and the 2018 Picklefest vinyl compilation.

MAITA weaves these two sides together–quiet contemplation and unfettered catharsis–with her deliberate lyricism and wistful vocals. She is currently hard at work on her debut full-length, set to be released sometime in late 2019.


Indie + Pop + Rock


Portland, OR