Mains & Monitors

Mains & Monitors


Mains & Monitors is an Indie Power-Pop band from Twin Falls, Idaho. The band consists of four members, Chase Chandler on Guitar and Vocals, Eli Stonemets on the Bass, Patrick Henry on the Drums, and Jordan Thornquest on Lead Guitar. Chase Chandler is the primary songwriter, using pop-influenced lyrical and musical stylings to bring alt-punk an accessible feel and sound. Mains & Monitors songs are general lamentations of the lives and experiences of teens and twenty-somethings. The band formed in 2015 in Twin Falls, a city of 50,000, and Mains & Monitors has worked very diligently in helping the local music scene stay healthy and active.
Their album newest album “Kalani” was released in October 2018, an album that brings the listener through a story of love, break up, and recovery.


Indie + Pop + Punk


Twin Falls, ID