Madisun Proof

Madisun Proof


Young, wise, truth-seeking R&B/ Hip-Hop female artist from Boise, Idaho. Madisun Proof has a conscious rap-style with hints of soul and jazz. Her influences include Atmosphere, Watsky, Lauryn Hill, Justin Timberlake, & Amy Winehouse. She represents the millennial generation, as young individuals stuck in a social crisis- and is an advocate for creative self expression, social justice, and most importantly, bringing Hip-Hop back to it’s roots. Madisun has had an early introduction into music whilst playing front roles in school musicals and singing in grade school choir. She later paused her choral career in high school, and began writing the content to her first mixtape, Crossroads.
She has attended several writing camps and is a published poet in The Gold Edition The American Library of Poetry 2010. Madisun has grown as an artist since the release of her first mixtape, Crossroads. She is now studying Media and Communications at Boise State University, where she has created Beneath the Surface, University Pulse’s own independent, Boise-local, underground hip-hop radio station. Since Crossroads and the creation of Beneath the Surface, Madisun Proof has released “On the Real”. Cover art to “On the Real” is original artwork crafted by Miss Proof herself. The single is her first co-production and is off of her upcoming album, Transparent.


Hip-hop + Rap + Soul


Boise, ID